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Laurel Alexander, founder of
Wellness Professionals At Work

Wellness Professionals at Work was founded by Laurel Alexander who brings 25 years as a trainer, coach, therapist and published author into the business.  As a company with a reputation for quality training and coaching coupled with excellent customer service, we provide:

  • access to information and coaching for people wanting to find out about a career in the health and wellbeing industry
  • qualifications for people ready to enter the health and wellbeing industry
  • CPD for health and wellbeing professionals looking to improve their skills and knowledge
  • workshops and coaching for people to set up, manage and develop their own health and wellbeing business
  • opportunities for professionals to understand and work with the inter-connectedness of true health and wellbeing
  • self-development opportunities for people in the health and wellbeing industry to grow into the best professional they can be

Laurel Alexander



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