Over time we have supported the following students on their journey with coaching.  Take a look at where they are now, what they do and how they have integrated their passions with their studies to create unique, exciting careers in the wellbeing world.

Alison Wilson

Hello I’m Alison Wilson.  With a background in Human Resources, I am a Leadership Development Trainer and Coach in the NHS.  Alongside this, I have my own practice as a career and mental fitness coach and love helping women to be happier and healthier at work.  I hold the Diploma in Life Coaching Skills. 

Emma Quansah

Hello! My name is Emma Quansah and I achieved the Integrated Coaching Diploma in Wellness and Resilience with Wellness Professionals at Work.  I come from a corporate background, working within the social housing sector and buildings maintenance.  My coaching focus is on resilience through boundary setting, with an additional personal interest in supporting women with pregnancy sickness. 

Melissa Clerc

Hi, I’m Mel Clerc! I started my training with the Certification in Holistic Life Coaching and now work as a Holistic Life Coach, NLP Master, Hypnotherapist and Tarot Reader. As a trauma survivor, my personal life experience and empathy is a strong asset in accompanying my clients to overcome adversity, heal from traumatic experiences, reclaim their innate power and build resilience to manifest the life of their dreams. 

Amy Thwaites

 “I’m Amy Thwaites! I’m coming to the end of the Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching Skills and am in the process of setting up a private Life Coaching business alongside a focused coaching role within my corporate career. My passion lies in equipping people with the tools to navigate the twists and turns of life with calmness and clarity.”   

Angelina Nizzardi

Hi I’m Angelina NizzardiI completed the Diploma in Wellness Coaching Skills in 2017 and specialise in mental health, working with my own coaching model. This combines cognitive coaching with Buddhist psychology, managing environment, accessing our physical pharmacy and soul growth. I am also founder of Green Goddess wellness, producing our own plant based health products.   

Frebeleen Gamier

Hi, I’m Frebeleen Gamier. I am a general practice nurse training in Diploma in Resilience and Wellness Coaching. I am in the process of branching to a new career as a Resilience and Wellness Coach while balancing it with my nursing role. I am passionate about empowering and encouraging people who are in their career crossroads to find their passion and move their career and life forward in the direction that they want.

Michael Laffey

I’m Michael Laffey.   I gained my Diploma in Life Coaching Skills in 2012. My background encapsulates a twenty-year career in the record industry, volunteer mentor for the Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme, and academic spin-out company business manager.  My areas of interest lie in: quality of lifestyle, physical and mental wellbeing, nutrition, nature and an open connection with one-self. 

Breanne Cook

I’m Breanne Cook. I completed the Integrated Diploma in Resilience and Wellness with WP@W. My background is in Social Work and mental health education. My business, The Pied Wagtail, a shop in Norfolk, combines gifts, coaching and photography to increase wellness, resilience and connectedness. My coaching focuses on resilience, strengths and values to make positive change and achieve goals.  

Maria Goldsmith

 I am Maria Goldsmith, a Wellness Coaching Skills Diploma graduate, now specialising in self-compassion for professional women. My background is a Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist and I continue NHS work in primary care. I enjoy utilising mindfulness, nature and creative approaches within my coaching experience.  

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