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Certificate in MindBody Nutrition

Course Length: 1 Year (start at any time)
Qualification: Certificate in MindBody Nutrition
Course Fees: £599.00

This qualification is for anyone interested in health and wellbeing as well as CPD study for qualified or near-qualified health and wellbeing professionals.

Who the course is for

The Certificate in Mindbody Nutrition is suitable for anyone interested in health and wellbeing as well as CPD study for qualified or near-qualified health and wellbeing professionals.

Please note that this course provides underpinning theory only and shouldn’t be regarded as a nutritional qualification.  The course carries 1 CPD point for each hour of study and can be used as a stepping stone to further training.

Course Outline and Modules

Module 1: Practicalities of the MindBody-Nutrition Connection

Understand what healthy eating is from a mind and body perspective – Identify the five major food groups and their key nutritional roles – Understand the implications of having too much fat, salt and sugar in the diet – Understand what makes a ‘balanced meal’ and what makes a healthy snack – Have an increased awareness of what healthy eating is beyond just the ‘nutritionals’

Module 2: Veganism, Vegetarianism, and the Plant-Based Diet Spectrum

Understand the different reasons why people eat a vegan or vegetarian diet – Understand the ‘plant-based eating’ spectrum and the different classifications of eating patterns – Understand the environmental and health implications of plant-based diets – Identify key nutrients for vegans and vegetarians – Understand more about you and (potentially) your clients’ food choices beyond just ‘taste’ – Know what a balanced meal/eating plan looks like for vegetarians/vegans

Module 3: Supporting the Immune System for Life

Understand the basic principles of the immune system and the factors that influence it – Have a basic understanding of local and systemic inflammation – Have a basic understanding of how systemic inflammation can affect health – Be aware of how age, body weight, diet and stress impact the inflammatory process – Identify signs of stress and simple tips to manage it – Understand the role of diet and nutrition in managing inflammation – Know how to apply nutrition and lifestyle principles to both yourself and potential clients and where to signpost clients for further professional support

Module 4: Exploring the Gut-Brain Axis

Understand what the gut–brain axis (GBA) is – Understand how our eating behaviours and mood can affect the digestive process and how this can impact wellbeing – Understand the additional role the gut microbiome (microbiota–gut–brain axis or MGBA) plays in digestive health and mental health – Have increased awareness of how lifestyles impact the functioning of GBA – Have a repertoire of behavioural and nutritional tips to support digestion and promote gut health – Be able to apply this to yourself or know when you may direct a client for further support in this area

Module 5: Lifestyle Stress and Nutrition

Understand how lifestyle and stress impacts the body – Understand the physiology of the stress response – Identify the common cause of everyday stress – Know what ‘burnout’ is and what causes it – Understand how to manage the stresses of everyday life from a nutrition and lifestyle perspective

Module 6: Mindful Eating

What mindful eating is, and its benefits – Issues around hunger and satiety – How to eat more mindfully – Environmental triggers to mindless eating – How our thoughts and feelings influence our eating behaviours – Practical considerations for mindful eating

Module 7: Emotional Eating

The definition of emotional eating – The use of food charts – A variety of strategies to manage emotions – The EAT Q method – Mindfulness and the power of pause – How to work with clients – The importance of self-nurture

Module 8: Weight Management and Body Image

The prevalence of being overweight and obesity in our society – The negative impact of the diet industry – Why diets don’t work – How to work with clients – Interventions and strategies – Body image

Module 9: The Nature-Nutrition Connection

Understand how, as humans, we are part of nature and how nature is part of us – Understand how our modern lifestyle risks losing touch with nature as well as our natural life rhythms – Understand how the loss of connection with nature and biological rhythms puts health at risk – Understand how and why fostering ‘nature relatedness’ can support both personal and planetary health


You can add modules from other courses for £59.00. The option includes learning material, a tutor-marked assignment and CPD certification.

Course Accreditation


The Complementary Medical Association

Wellness Professionals at Work is an authorized course provider of the Complementary Medical Association (CMA). This course carries CPD points (1 point for every hour of study or skills development). The CMA also offers student membership which you can apply for while still studying and will gain the post-nominal letters SCMA. Upon graduation, you can apply for full CMA Membership “MCMA”.   CMA membership (as a student or graduate) also qualifies you for reduced insurance rates.

How the course is delivered

Before you commit to this course, we would like to remind you of what makes our courses stand out:  the option of adding modules to your course, personal tutor contact and support throughout your study, strong community and group interaction, you can enrol at any time, well-designed learning material, patient and inspiring tutors, flexible pace.

Your fee of £559 covers:

  • CPD recognition from the Complementary Medical Association (CMA)
  • Opportunity to apply for CMA full membership upon criteria fulfilment
  • Access to our Wellness Community on Circle
  • study-buddies
  • learning materials
  • tutor support by email, phone, post and online
  • occasional Wellness Professionals at Work members newsletter

    Your Tutor

    Jo Permaul is your tutor on this course.


    Joanne Permaul

    You can meet Jo at our Meet the Team page.


    For Section 1 there is a task sheet for each of the 38 remedies, each with a tutor-marked assignment to complete.  For Section 2 there is one assignment to complete.

    View the recommended reading materials for this course.


    Your fee of £599 covers:

    • student membership of accrediting bodies
    • Certificate of Completion from Wellness Professionals at Work

    • access to our Wellness Community on Circle

    • study-buddies

    • learning materials

    • tutor support by email, phone, post and online

    • occasional Wellness Professionals at Work members newsletter

    • Optional Extras: Small Business Mentoring, Business Start-Up Self-Study Programme


    1. Pay in FULL in advance to receive 5% discount, that’s just £560
    2. Pay 2 instalments: £300  upon enrolment plus 1 further monthly standing orders of £299

    Use this currency convertor for the investment in your national currency.


    If you would like to enrol on this course, make payment using the button below and complete the enrolment form that follows. If you experience any problems please send us an email:

    Contact Jo if you wish to pay in instalments or make a bank transfer arrangement.


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