Wellbeing in the Workplace

Elevate Your Company’s Wellbeing Program with Accredited Wellness and Resilience Coaching

As an HR or Organisational Director, you understand the pivotal role employee wellbeing plays in organisational success, striving to provide the best resources and support for your Wellbeing Leads.

Investing in the Fast Track Diploma In Wellness Coaching Skills course for your Wellbeing Leads has many benefits:

Enhanced Employee Wellbeing

This course equips Wellbeing Leads with the essential skills to effectively coach employees towards improved wellness. It leads to a healthier, happier, and more engaged workforce.

Competitive Advantage

Accreditation matters. By having certified Wellbeing Leads, your company stands out in the market, showcasing its commitment to employee wellness. This can be a significant factor for potential hires and clients.

Cost Savings

Wellbeing Leads can address issues proactively, reducing absenteeism and healthcare costs. They can also help prevent burnout and enhance employee retention.


The £1799.00 investment per Wellbeing Lead yields substantial returns:

Reduced Absenteeism

Lower costs due to fewer sick days

Increased Productivity

A more motivated and healthier workforce

Enhanced Company Reputation

Attracts top talent and clients

Competitive Advantage

In an increasingly health-conscious market

Improved Employee Retention

Reduced turnover and recruitment expenses

It’s an investment in a healthier, more productive, and competitive future.

Investing in the Fast Track Diploma In Wellness Coaching Skills course benefits Wellbeing Leads and the company’s success through:

Strategic Wellness Enhancement

This diploma aligns with company goals to improve employee wellbeing, offering a certified approach that boosts support quality, leading to better wellbeing, reduced absenteeism, and higher job satisfaction.


At £1699.00 per Wellbeing Lead, it yields substantial ROI by reducing absenteeism, boosting productivity, and enhancing retention. Wellbeing Leads can proactively address wellness issues, cutting healthcare costs and sick days, resulting in long-term savings.

Market Leadership and Competitive Edge

Certification elevates the company’s reputation as a wellbeing leader, showcasing commitment to a healthy workforce. Accreditation sets the company apart from competitors, influencing client decisions and attracting new business.

Long-Term Sustainability

Investing in employee wellbeing fosters a positive workplace culture, enhancing morale, productivity, and loyalty, ultimately benefiting the organization’s bottom line, ensuring long-term growth and success.

Talent Attraction and Retention

Certified Wellbeing Leads make the company more attractive to prospective employees, reducing recruitment costs and retaining valued staff who prioritize wellness.

Why workplace culture needs to change

A recent MHI global survey on how people define their health found that respondents viewed health through four dimensions—physical, mental, social, and spiritual—a wider definition than many systems and companies use. Employers neglect these at their own peril because they can contribute to rising rates of employee burnout.

“We’ve learned that mental health and wellbeing must be at the very heart of how we have impact as an organization. It cannot be an add on,” says Michael Edwards, McKinsey’s global leader of Way We Work and director of people and operations in the UK, Ireland and Israel. 

McKinsey 12/12/2022

In summary, the Fast Track Diploma in Wellness Coaching Skills aligns with strategic objectives, offers strong ROI, a competitive edge, and positions the company as a wellbeing leader. It’s a valuable investment in success and sustainability.  We also offer a Fast Track Pathway in Resilience Coaching which might appeal to your colleagues, do ask for more details.

Option for your employee to study for further Advanced Qualifications at a higher AC accredited level or Continued Professional Development Modules which can be purchased on an individual basis- do contact us to find out more.

Joanne Permaul

Book a discovery call with our Director Jo to discuss whether the Diploma or Certificate course is a better fit for your Wellness Lead.

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