Repurposing, in a business sense, is the art of using one piece of material for several different marketing strategies or products.  For example let’s say you’re a personal trainer and wellness coach and one of your niche markets is helping women who have given birth regain their shape and fitness.

Here are three ways you can repurpose the same material in several different ways:

  • Get a video made of yourself delivering PT to a client.  Put that video up on Youtube with a link back to your site.  Use that video on the relevant page on your website.  Put snippets from it on social media.  Get a longer video of you delivering PT and sell through your site.
  • Create a short PDF ebook.  Put it up on your site as a giveaway (giving potential buyers the opportunity to give you their email so you can send them your occasional newsletter).  Create a longer PDF ebook based on the same subject that you sell through your site.  Use snippets from both PDFs on your social media outlets linking back to your site.
  • Create a workshop for delivery to your niche market and the handouts to go with it.  Repurpose those handouts into snippets for social media – posts on your site – content for your members’ newsletter – a PDF ebook – a youtube video.

One piece of work may take you time to create, but you can then use it in so many different ways to increase site traffic, build your expertise and create passive income.

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