What makes us different from other coaching training providers?

Because we are a smaller school we know all our students, you will not slip under the radar!

We value inclusion and we want to keep developing our strengths in making our courses as inclusive as possible, enabling or students to become conscious, self-aware coaches.

You can book time in for a chat with Jo our director, she is always on hand for a discussion. 

Our tutors have completed the qualifications you will study for and work actively as coaches too.

We are open to honest feedback and welcome suggestions.

    What is coaching?

    Coaching is an art of facilitating another person’s exploration of a goal they want to achieve and supporting them in that achievement.  Coaching: 

    • is present and future-orientated 
    • helps the client understand and move past their emotional and mental barriers (where possible and appropriate) to achieve personal or professional outcomes 
    • isn’t counselling – or therapy – guidance – or advice – or mentoring 

      How can I make money from coaching?

      There is a multitude of environments where coaches are found such as the corporate sector, long-term condition management, community and family environments, education establishments, young people’s issues, beauty and appearance, retirement age market, weight management, lifestyle, elder-care, healthcare organizations, and the fitness industry or even as an extra string to a therapist’s bow.  You can take your coaching skills and knowledge back into your PAYE job or a better one.  You can be an evening (coaching) entrepreneur and keep your day job.  Or you might start up or enhance your own business. 

      You can deliver 1:1 coaching/group coaching on or off-line, create passive income products, enhance a consultancy or deliver training.  The list is endless. 

        How does a distance learning course work?

        When you enroll in a distance learning course with Wellness Professionals, we email across to you your Welcome Pack and the first module.  With each module, you complete the guided reading and your chosen assignment and send your work to me as a Word attachment.  We mark and return it to you together with the next module.  You can ask questions at any time to your tutor, and our support is there for you when you need it. 

        For students on the coaching Diploma courses, there are two hours of business coaching  with one of our tutors, and a 30-minute marketing session with Karan of Kameleon Marketing provided as part of your course fee.  Following qualification, ongoing business coaching is offered at a reduced rate. 

          How does the remote supervised skills development work?

          When you enroll in a coaching Diploma course, you have the option of taking the entire course online.  This means not only the modules but also your supervised skills development. For example, on the Advanced Diploma in Wellness Coaching Skills, you would need to complete 40 hours of supervised skills development with us before you moved onto your case studies.  These skills development sessions are facilitated online via Zoom. During monthly online Saturday master classes where you would be working with fellow students in a small group of four facilitated by myself.  You will be trained to deliver remote coaching to a fellow student and be coached yourself. 

          To give a sense of student community and extra skills development, you are welcome to attend the face-to-face group master classes in London at no extra cost. 

            What is the difference between the certificates and diplomas you offer?

            Coaching Certificates are delivered via supported distance learning and provide underpinning theory only.  Coaching Diplomas provide the underpinning theory, plus supervised skills development, case study work, and reflective learning. 

            What’s the difference between certificates and diplomas? 

            “The certificates we offer are all delivered through supported distance-learning. This means that you receive all your learning material from Word attachments. We correspond by email, by phone if necessary or video call if necessary. So work is sent back and forth between you and your tutor by email. 

            With the diplomas, you receive the same underpinning knowledge via the modules – the extra with the diplomas is the supervised-skills development; also your 50 hours of case study work and the reflective learning journal.

              What is the difference between wellness coaching and holistic wellness coaching?

              A wellness coach will work with clients in specific areas such as health, communication skills, relationships, long term health condition management, returning to work and family.  A holistic wellness coach takes an integrated approach and will encompass mind, body and spiritual needs. 

                How many hours of study per week can I expect to do?

                This depends on your discipline and lifestyle, but in general, I would say 5 – 10 hours a week. 

                  Who accredits your courses?

                  Wellness Professionals at Work engages with three lead bodies to provide you with credible and independently scrutinized learning experiences: 

                  • National Council of Integrated Psychotherapists (NCIP) – as well as being an approved training provider offering qualifications, we are an accredited CPD provider with the NCIP. 
                  • Association for Coaching (AC) – we are an approved training provider and are proud to have two of our courses accredited with the AC (Diploma in Life Coaching Skills and Diploma in Wellness Coaching Skills). 
                  • Complementary Medical Association – we are an approved training provider and offer CPD courses. Watch our interview with them here.
                  • Accredited Coaches, Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (ACCPH)  has approved us as a coach training provider and endorses all of our courses.

                      Does the course provide practical training in coaching skills?

                      All of the coaching Diplomas encompass practical skills development which are supervised by  Jo and Laurel. 

                          How will I be assessed on the course?

                          Both the Certificates and Diploma courses involve distance learning modules.  Each module has one 1000-word assignment to complete. There is no grade for marked work.  Assessment entails making an informed and considered judgment about the quality of your performance on a given assignment is covering: 

                          • how effectively you have practiced the critical and analytical techniques 
                          • your degree of mastery of skills involved in communicating thoughts, ideas and evidence clearly and cogently 
                          • understanding of how the subject matter is grasped 

                          If an assignment doesn’t meet the above three points sufficiently, you will be asked to either submit the entire assignment again or for a further 500 words. 

                          The skills development for the coaching diplomas involves direct observation and feedback from myself and your peers.  Self-assessment from is each student is also encouraged.  The case studies are not directly observed; however, there is a paper trail assessment process. 

                              Can I speak with a current student or ex-graduate before I decide?

                              Of course you can.  Please contact Jo. You might also like to read about our Ambassadors.

                                  Who will be training me?

                                  Please see Meet the Team. 

                                      Can I take a coaching qualification completely online?

                                      Yes, you can.  If you would like to complete a Diploma completely online/by distance learning, you would choose the remote learning option. 

                                          Can I pay for a course by instalment?

                                          Yes, you can.  

                                              What is included in the course fee?

                                              Diploma fees include: accreditation, student membership of accrediting bodies (where appropriate), CPD certification (where appropriate), access to apply for full membership of accrediting bodies (upon criteria fulfilment), access to Wellness Professionals at Work Community – Wellness Community on Circle, study-buddies, learning materials, over 200 hours of distance learning tutor support, 90 hours of supervised skills development, two hour of business start-up coaching and 30 minutes of marketing consultation.  Books are not included. 

                                              Certificate fees include: student membership of accrediting bodies (where appropriate), CPD certification (where appropriate), access to apply for full membership of accrediting bodies (upon criteria fulfilment), access to Wellness Professionals at Work Learning Hub on Facebook, study-buddies, course learning materials, tutor support by email, phone or online 

                                                  The diplomas take two years to complete. Can I do it quicker?

                                                  Yes, you can.  If you need to, you can also apply for an extension. 

                                                      The certificates take one year to complete. Can I do it quicker?

                                                      Yes, you can.  If you need to, you can also apply for an extension. 

                                                          When can I start a course with you?

                                                          You can start the courses any time you choose. 

                                                              What can I do with the Certificates in Wellness or resilience Coaching?

                                                              The Certificates in  Coaching are suitable as a continuing professional development course as it presents underpinning theory only without any supervised skills development. You could also take the certificate if you’re considering a career change into coaching, but want to toe-dip before upgrading to the Integrated Diploma in Wellness and Resilience Coaching Skills. 

                                                                  What is the difference between the Fast-Track Diploma in Life Coaching Skills and the Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching Skills?

                                                                   The Fast-Track Diploma can be completed in a year or less (depending on your lifestyle and discipline) and is an accredited coaching qualification (AACT) by the Association for Coaching (AC). The Advanced Diploma has extra modules and more intensive skills development and is accredited with the AC at a higher level (ACCT) than the Fast-Track. 

                                                                      What is life coaching?

                                                                      Life coaching is an approach to working with individuals who want to make changes in their life. Coaching is about helping a client identify their goals, explore options for reaching those goals and support them as they take action for success. Life coaching is not about telling clients what to do. Life coaching is about encouraging client ownership so they can reach their potential. 

                                                                          How could I earn money as a life coach?

                                                                          You may already be working PAYE and looking for a side-hustle of a life coaching business. You may be working PAYE and looking to add new skills to your current job or the next job. Or you may be self-employed and looking to add on life coaching. Or you may be looking for a career change. There are a huge number of pathways open to life coaching e.g. new parents, exam stress, confidence building, increasing resilience, preparing for retirement and lots more options. The other advice I would give is to create an integrated practice embracing coaching, courses and information products. 

                                                                              What support do I get from you if I want to set up a business as a life coach after qualifying?

                                                                              As you move through your coaching training with us and approach the end of your course, you can have two hours of business coaching with us, a 30-minute session with a marketing consultant and of course access to our wonderful community platform Wellness Extra. There is also the option of reduced rate business coaching/mentoring post qualification. 

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