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You’re probably already using some life coaching skills and don’t even know it.  For example, are you a good listener?  Do you find people open up to you naturally?  Can you help others find solutions to their difficulties?  If you can listen well, build rapport and help others find answers to their problems, you probably would make a good life coach.

Developing life coaching skills through good learning is suitable for two reasons.  One is for your personal development, and the second is for the knowledge and skills you could take into your paid working life.

Here are five good reasons how life coach training can benefit you:

1. You will gain new knowledge as the theoretical foundation to build your life coaching practice.  To give you an idea of the knowledge areas you might expect to learn about in life coach training – demonstrating attention and interest, using exploration competencies, showing understanding and how to set actions.  Other knowledge areas for life coaching explore how to deal with change and how to increase motivation.  You can see how these knowledge areas could also be handy in daily life.

2. While gaining knowledge is essential, putting your understanding to practical use is the next logical step. Life coaching students need to gain hands-on coaching skills under the supervision of an expert trainer.

3. All this theoretical and applied learning is great. However, what makes a learner feel good at the end of all their hard work is the independent accreditation that comes with the course from a lead coaching body that provides credibility in the eyes of clients and work colleagues.

4. Now, you have enjoyed your quality learning experience and have your qualification.  You feel confident in delivering the best coaching practice to your clients so they, in turn, attain their potential and feel happy as larry with you (and themselves).

5. There are other four benefits of a robust life coach certification course. These are all for you: better communication skills, improved problem-solving abilities, increased self-confidence, and many excellent self-development opportunities.

There we have several good reasons for life coach certification.  Even if you choose not to use your qualification at work just yet, you still have walked the learning pathways which have opened you up to yourself.  You’ve made new friends.  Learnt new skills.  Discovered lots about you.  In general, you would have had a fantastic experience and feel better about yourself and your life.

To find out more about our Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching Skills here.

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