Coaching Certificate Courses

Our Certificate Courses are designed to provide you with a range of learning experiences. 

You might be here because:

  • you already have a coaching qualification and wish to further develop your learning. 
  • Perhaps you are wishing to dip your toe in before signing up to a Diploma course? 
  • Your employer might have identified one of our Certificate courses as being a way to further expand your professionalism and self-development 

All our Certificate Courses have CPD recognition from the Association for Coaching, the ACCPH and the Complementary Medical Association (CMA). 

There is the opportunity to apply for full membership of the NCIP and CMA upon qualification depending on criteria fulfilment. 

Each course can be taken over 1 year. 

“As well as gaining useful information I’ve learned a lot about myself as I’ve been my own guinea pig for what I was learning.  Working through the Certificate course has given me the confidence to move on to the Diploma and it’s empowered me to do valuable inner work.  I’ve found tutor feedback on assignment very useful and I like that rather than assignments being scored as I received clear and detailed feedback.”



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