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I can’ t remember where I read the following, somewhere on Facebook I think.  The only name attached to the piece was Kelly.  So here is Kelly’s thoughts on peace which is so well put:

“Peace is about acceptance. There is no need to keep fighting life. Some of my greatest struggles in this life were when I refused to accept a given situation. I fought and fought because it just wasn’t what I wanted. In each of these situations, when finally I gave into acceptance – the pain of the situation went away. As they say “Life isn’t always what you want it to be. But it is always what you need it to be.” For your own individual peace – stop fighting what you can’t change – just accept it as it is.

The negative energy associated with the fight will dissipate and when this happens – you just may be able to see a positive that you are receiving from your current situation. There is always a blessing to be found. It may take some time before you see it. But if you look within – you may recognize it more quickly. Each of us influences the whole as we are all connected. When you find peace within yourself, you promote peace within humanity as well. The more who find their peace – the greater the positive effect on society.”


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