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My Biggest Challenges in Business (and how I work with them)

3rd September 2017

One of my biggest challenges just has to be impatience.  On one hand it’s a blessing as this quality has driven me forward into successful businesses. On the other hand, I can often overlook the detail or miss opportunities.  An example is my writing practice.  One of the key reasons I have had such a prolific non-fiction writing career is that I can sell an article or non-book before writing it.  Therefore I know the book or article is commissioned and I’m not wasting my time.  however – in my heart is a fiction writer waiting to unleash herself.  But one of my biggest hurdles in this area has been that to succeed as a fiction writer, I need patience which is in short supply – .  Hey ho, a lesson I have yet to learn.

Another challenge can be cynicism.  I find there’s a thin red line between reality and slipping into negativity.  For example, I used to offer a training material writing service.  Note the words ‘used to’.  With a track record of many years in course creation, the service was a natural progression for my business at that time.  Some clients were easy to work with and honest in their dealings.  Then I ran into two or three corporates that wanted a lot of work from me up front without financial or contractual commitment from themselves.  Cynically, but based on experience I learnt quickly, covered my back and set my boundaries.  While I haven’t offered this particular service for years now, I still use the skills for developing my own courses and offering the service to colleagues and professionals I know well.

Taking on too much is another vice.  Why do I do it?  Two reasons.  One is I enjoy variety and two, I don’t like to think I’m missing out.  Years ago, when I first qualified as a reflexologist, my sister and husband said to me be the best reflexologist you can be – focus only on that.  Humph I said.  I will be the best reflexologist I can be, but I will also develop skills in other areas.  Which I did and enjoyed a thriving complementary health practice over many years.  I find a 360 degree vision stimulating.   However, it can also mean I dilute my energies.  I now understand that not everything has my name on it and to be honest I don’t have as much energy or the need to try out my wings.  When I founded Wellness Professionals at Work, I chose the arena of health and wellbeing deliberately. It was wide enough to have variety but it also focused my mind, energy and wings.


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