by Jo Permaul

Self-reflection is a key component for student coaches as well as anyone who is on a self-growth journey.  It’s our personal growth recipe, helping us uncover the magic in our strengths and areas to sprinkle a little extra attention. Through this process, we can tweak our coaching techniques, finding the perfect rhythm to dance with our goals and ambitions. Embracing self-review isn’t about judgment; it’s a friendly chat with ourselves, a chance to high-five our wins, and cheerfully plan our next adventure. It’s our tool for crafting a response to challenges that embrace growth and learning.  No wonder self-reflection is such a huge part of learning to be a coach!

Here are some key questions you might like to ask yourself at the end of 2023:

  • What were my wins of the year?
  • What did I struggle with?
  • What resources would have helped me better?
  • Who did I count on for support?
  • Who do I need in my corner for 2024?
  • If I could wave a magic wand and a problem from last year could have been solved, what would have had to have happened?
  • What do I want o achieve next year – what did I learn from this year to make X flow well?
  • What did I enjoy about 2023?
  • What am I leaving behind in 2023 and what am I taking forwards?
  • What projects remain unfinished?  Am I going to finish them and how do I feel about not completing them?

Of course this is just a guideline.  But I suggest you make some time for yourself with a nice hot drink, in a quiet space and focus on your year.  That way you will learn and grow and good things will happen as a result.

Reflection is a key part of our Diploma Courses.  If you enjoy reflecting and helping others process challenges then a course in coaching might just be for you!


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