Individual Coaching and Support for Wellness Professionals 


As a coach or complementary therapist, you ‘hold’ your clients through challenging periods of transition and growth. The inherent demands of this work mean you must be well-supported to do your best work. That’s where 1:1 coaching and support could be helpful if you want to explore:

  • greater self-awareness, capacity, and capability as a coach, complementary therapist or healthcare professional
  • reframed perspectives on client challenges and issues
  • your self-care
  • new tools and techniques and refresh existing skills
  • a resurgence of your creative sparkle
  • heart and soul business development
  • a better understanding of the psychology of the helping relationship 


Holding space for others, while rewarding, can also be draining, e.g. compassion fatigue which is why we offer supervision allowing you to vent your frustrations and discuss awkward situations or complex relationships. And since client material can trigger our emotions, supervision also helps reduce the likelihood of your agenda entering and detracting from the client’s sessions. 


Our holistic approach embraces your practical, psychological and energetic expansion as a well-being professional.  All 1:1 coaching and support is online (your session can be recorded for you to reflect on later), tailored to your needs and may embrace:

  • service development, e.g. business start-up, creating wellbeing-related workshops, business expansion, writing wellbeing-related features or books
  • supervision
  • career development
  • strengthening resilience
  • space for reflection
  • specific issues, e.g. client resistance
  • laser sessions of one or 90-minutes
  • support packages


With 1:1 coaching and support for wellness professionals, you can book when needed and have your session during the week or on a Saturday. In addition, you can claim one CPD point for each support hour as a bonus.


Welness Professionals At Work’s commitment to you is to:

  • facilitate your quality of coaching or therapeutic care
  • use a client-centred approach and diverse pathways to weave the sessions for your personal and professional development flexibly
  • have your back and keep an eye on your self-care and wellbeing
  • be at your disposal as a learning resource
  • help you look at things from different perspectives and help you find new areas to explore in your practice
  • be client-led by your needs
  • press your refresh button
  • offer an objective and creative space for reflection, planning, discussion and feedback.

Book with Jo Permaul

Book with Jo Permaul

Book with Jo Permaul

Your Mentor

Joanne Permaul

Jo Permaul, Director, Coach and Homeopath.

Jo set up Resilient Therapists, a Coaching programme for supporting Therapists and healers.  She is a qualified coach, member of the NCIP, AC, CMA and ARH, teacher, therapist and Intuitive who maintains a busy London practice alongside running Wellness Professionals At Work.

You can meet Jo on our Meet the Team page.

How coaching and support works

Discovery Call

During our initial chat  we will co-create your coaching programme based on your objectives. We will lay out a plan for the programme, organising dates for your remaining sessions.


A week before each of these sessions you will send in your report of agreed actions from the previous session (and any others you might have woven in). During our meeting, I will take you through my notes, discussing outcomes, successes and challenges. We will work on any issues of your choice. Afterwards, you will receive a written summary of our discussion allowing you to focus on my comments and advice as you move forward.

Option to book more sessions

Coaching, supervision and mentoring are part of an ongoing process of self-development and improvement.  We can establish how you will move forwards and how Wellness Professionals At Work can support you further.

What the students say


Here’s what some of our Diploma Students have said:

“The most important things I have learnt during this course have been; how not to lead a client, how to set goals and the GROW model.”

Dianne N.

Nurse and NHS wellbeing coach

“The knowledge and feedback of the tutor was excellent.”


Nurse and NHS wellbeing coach

“I believe I am much more objective, patient and a far better listener as a result of this course. The helpfulness and knowledge of the tutor was excellent. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and felt I got a lot out of it. It’s certainly given me the confidence to coach as I have had such positive feedback from my case studies.”

Kate Tierney

Writer and therapist

“I have learnt a massive amount around health and wellbeing, much of which I refer to regularly, either generally and/or when coaching, particularly around nutrition, activity, the benefit of good quality vitamins and supplements, value of relaxation and the use of some of the CBC techniques. A well thought out, put together and presented course which will add value to your coaching practice and personal health and wellbeing.”

Cathy Lawson


“The three greatest strengths of this training have been: the excellent knowledge of Laurel and her approachable and supportive manner and my increased confidence level.”


Nurse and NHS wellbeing coach

“Laurel is a supportive and understanding tutor who takes time to understand her students’ contexts. Professionally, the high standards set by her have made me feel very well qualified in this field. Laurel is extremely meticulous with her feedback, so I have able to refine my coaching techniques. The final task of completing a business plan was extremely valuable.”

Emily Beckwith

Project manager.

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