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My Vision of Integrated Health & Wellbeing

3rd September 2017

This is my vision of how an integrated health and wellbeing approach with clients could look:

  • Lifestyle – To facilitate a clients awareness of the different aspects of their life e.g. friendships, creative expression, work, intimate relationships, material resources, family, physical wellness and community, and how this impacts on their health and wellbeing.
  • Client-centered – To encourage the client to be at the centre of their health and wellbeing vision and implementation and to work in partnership with their wellness professionals.
  • Client ownership – To encourage the client in the ownership of their health and wellbeing and to signpost them when they can’t provide themselves with all the relevant elements.
  • Eclectic intervention and prevention approaches – To have available a range of intervention and prevention approaches including talking, medical, bodymind and psycho-spiritual interventions.
  • Flexible service delivery – To deliver a client-centered service which may be face-to-face, online or by phone.  To deliver 1:1 or in groups.
  • Conventional and complementary healthcare – For health and wellbeing professionals from conventional and complementary disciplines to work in teams with their specialised client-bases.



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