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Reasons to Reflect after Delivering a Coaching or Therapy Session

6th July 2022

 by Jo Permaul

When you are a student in whatever modality it is you have learnt, reflecting and evaluating is part of the process.  It is from our clients that we learn, we make mistakes and then we think about how we might do better next time.  I remember studying to be both a homoeopath and a coach.  In my student homeopath days, the evaluations of case-taking would take as long (if not longer) than the actual session as I pulled everything apart and was harsh on myself and my actions. In this self-critique, I became a better practitioner.

As I grew in my casework and took on life coaching too, there became less time for deeper reflection, yet, even more, need, so building it into my weekly schedule became a must-do activity.

Reflection as a process can fit around you; a journal entry, a walk in the park, or thoughts while you are driving or hoovering, however being in the right headspace is key.  And from experience, I find that sitting down and actually focusing is the best most proactive way to go.


Here are some reasons to get reflective:


Reflection improves mindset

It allows you to think about your own motivations as well as pose questions like what went well today and what are my weekly wins.  The focus on what you are doing well encourages and reminds you why you do this work and many practitioners are self-employed, so have no other form of the review system.


You learn from your mistakes

So if you said something that didn’t help the situation, gave a remedy that didn’t shift the problem, muddled your diary or forgot to take payment, instead of being harsh on yourself, writing down how you felt, how it affected your day and how to improve will help you lift yourself out of self-punitive mode!


It builds resilience

Because you know what works you see habits and trends, you see what times of year are your most productive, which times of the week or month work best for you, how you felt when you put your prices up and what it feels like to problem-solve and get creative!


It helps you identify what you truly love (and what you want to ditch)

Reflecting deeply has enabled many in the healing and coaching world to respond to an inner calling for supporting a type of client or issue.  It has enabled them to see what work patterns they enjoy the most and get a good work/life balance.


It enables you to evolve and grow

That’s what we’re all about for our clients, right?!  Well, let’s treat ourselves with the same self-kindness and compassion.  And how wonderful that we can be the masters of our own destiny, navigating our way through what we truly want to do!  Reflection can be the gift that keeps on giving.

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