How To Mix And Use Remedies For Internal Use

Orally:  Bach Flower Remedies can be taken orally for acute cases by putting two or three drops of the stock bottle essence under the tongue. They can be taken longer-term by making up a remedy:

  1. Fill a 10 or 20ml glass dropper bottle with tap or filtered water to a finger width beneath the neck of the bottle.
  2. Choose your remedy (up to six remedies). Drop two drops from the stock bottle into the dropper bottle.
  3. Take four drops under the tongue, four times daily. Because of the dynamic nature of awakening and going to sleep at night, the most important times to take the remedy is immediately upon waking and before going to sleep. The other two times may be before lunch and around 6pm.

Inhaling: Put two drops of your chosen essence in the palm of your hands, rub them together and inhale from them.

In food: When you make nourishing food for yourself and your baby, add your remedy to the food, either straight from the stock bottle or from your dropper bottle mixture.

How To Mix And Use Remedies For External Use

Compress: This can be useful, especially where there is a sore place. To prepare a flower essence compress, fill a bowl with warm or cold water. Add four drops of each chosen flower essence (and one or two drops of appropriate essential oil if you like) to the water. Soak the washcloth in the water, wring out and lay it on the affected area and repeat until relief is felt.

Bathing: Run a bath. The water needs to be at body temperature or a little warmer. Add one or two drops of your chosen flower essence. Essential oils can also be added after the water is run. Get into the bath and relax for 20 minutes. Rest afterwards. If you don’t want to have a bath, bathing the feet and/or hands is also an effective way to take essences in through the skin.

Body spray: Adding essential oils to a body spray not only brings healing benefits but also a wonderful, uplifting smell. Lighter oils such as lavender or lemongrass work best. To prepare a flower essence spray, fill a 50-125ml glass spray bottle with spring water. Add three or four drops of essential oil. Add three drops of each chosen flower essence. Shake the bottle to activate the essences and spray twice daily, or as required.

Cream/lotion: If what you need is just for now, put some cream in your hand, add the required stock essence drops and mix before applying. To prepare a flower essence cream, fill a glass jar with 50g cream (you can use your favourite moisturizer as a base, but avoid any strongly scented creams). Add four drops of each chosen flower essence (up to four flower essences). Mix. One or two drops of an essential oil can be added to the cream to enhance its healing properties. Apply to the area twice daily, or as required.

Massage: Mixing essences in massage oil can greatly enhance your mood. Put four drops of essential oil, one or two drops of relevant flower essence, and 50ml of jojoba oil into a glass bottle. Mix and use immediately. Recommended oils: rose, ylang ylang, neroli or lavender.

To enhance bodywork: Flower essences are powerful tools when used in conjunction with acupuncture, energy work, massage, craniosacral therapy or chiropractic treatments. Taking a few drops of flower essences before, during, and/or after a treatment helps the body “hold” positive adjustments by assisting the nervous system with repatterning as well as releasing the emotional/mental blocks.

Rooms: You could add four drops of your essence to a scented candle. Another idea is to make up a spray as in the instructions for creating a body spray above and use on bedding or in a room.

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